Friday, February 3, 2012


I have some news to share.  I have mentioned over the past few months that I was writing articles for the Quilt Pattern Magazine (  The issue with my first article is now out.  After re reading my article, I looked through the rest of the magazine.  It is a quality publication.  Lots of articles, patterns, and free stuff-including a block of month which I have joined.  They also have a newsletter which you can check to get an idea of what the magazine in about.
I got another newsletter in my 'in box' this mornign and wish I hadn't read it.  The Quilting Gallery ( is running a series by Pat Sloan on getting your sewing area; whether kitchen table or special room, organized.  I do a periodic clean out, clean up but they usually end up with a give up.  There is one area, however, that I have purposely ignored.  The room's closet is the dark hole where things that have no other home get shoved-and I do mean shoved.  I guess I need to discover what is in there before I can do anything else.  Perhaps when I have cleaned that area, I may find that I have more room to store more stuff.  Do I have the courage, energy, desire?  I will let you know next week.

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  1. Oh my warned me, but I did not listen and I clicked on that Pat Sloan link...I have a brand new room...but my stuff was in boxes for sooooo long and I *needed* it out....and people have given me boxes and bags of stuff...I surely don't know what I have! I wonder do I have the courage, time, energy or desire? Hummmmmmmmmmm, Deb