Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday a Day Late

Tuesday is my Monday.  Today is the day I tidy up from the weekend and catch up on the things I didn't have time for.  I generally get laundry done on Saturdays to take advantage of the cheaper hydro rates and do the major house work.  However, as I am out on Monday (quilt group) the beginning of the week stuff gets delayed a day.
Today, I have to change the speakers on my computer.  The current ones have quite working but, fortunately, I have others that I bought and didn't use.  The computer is saying that the audio is working so I am hoping that it is just the speakers.
I had printer problems earlier.  I was using it when I got a paper jam.  Fixed that, hooked everything up again and it wouldn't work.  Printer said it wasn't connected to the internet.  Checked the connections, everything was fine so I just left it for a day.  Monday, it worked without problem.  Sometimes I think all electronics are unionized and they just decide to go on strike for a while.
If you are in need of some batting, Connecting Threads has a really good sale.  Their queen sized batts are under $14.00 with very reasonable shipping price.  Sale ends on the 20th of this month so you might want to check it out right away.  I've ordered 4 and hope these will help me complete all the tops I have waiting to be quilted.
Do you and your special someone do anything special for Valentine's?  We don't.  I will probably stick a candle on the table for supper and am making apple crisp for dessert as that is my husband's favourite.  He is out chopping wood to keep us warm so I consider that a practical act of love.
He thought we should watch Ghost this evening but I prefer not to as I cry so hard I get a headache.  (Aren't I a romantic?!)

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  1. Is Connecting threads in Ontario? Internet company? What type of bats are they? I only have the big box fabric store here and their bats are very expensive!!