Friday, February 10, 2012

Loose Ends

I feel like a ball of yard that has got too many ends and knots.  My radio station is off the air, the printer is telling me that it is not connected to the computer and my head feels like it belongs to someone else.  I took a pill last night to relax the muscles in my neck and it has over relaxed all of me.  I hate that feeling. It should be wearing off soon but, in the meantime, I don't want to do anything that requires thinking or dexterity.
We are getting some more snow which is covering up the ice in the driveway.  It is easier-and safer, walking when you can see where the non slippery bits are.
I have to go to Huntsville again today for another doctor's appointment.  I an going to buy Heidi a different kind of treat while I am there.  We always get her the natural nibblies from the bulk store but there is one kind that she doesn't like.  Of course, that is the one I bought last time.  My brother's two dogs will eat anything so they get all Heidi's cast offs. 
I have started working on another scrappy top.  This one is called Brick's and Stones and I got the pattern from one of the free sites-Fat Cat Patterns, I think.    The top I had been working on has joined all the others in my Finish Up or Else tote.  I am just waiting for the batting I order to arrive and then I can get at them.

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  1. Hello from the East side of Algonquin!
    I've been having a couple of days like that too. My neck and shoulders are just killing me from sitting hunched over this quilt I'm binding by hand.
    Trying to get this stuff sorted out is a major headache. No one seems to want baby yarn! But I did manage to fill a box with paper that can go into the wood furnace - YES!