Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shopping Day

My husband got home late Sunday morning.  Both the dog and I were delighted to see him.  First thing to be done was get the television back in operation as I did something wrong.  I am not a big TV person but there is one music channel that I do like to have on.
We are back to normal again and today went to Huntsville to do our shopping.  I am glad we were able to fuel up as the news reports say that some areas are paying $140 per liter.  It cost us under $128.00 which is still outrageous.  Fuel is one of the few things that increases in price when more people buy it.  I don't understand the logic of that but I guess it doesn't matter because whether or not I understand, approve or think it is all a form of blackmail, there isn't a great deal I can do.  I am thankful I have fuel efficient vehicle and we try to combine trips to further reduce costs.
I worked on another of my scrap quilts at quilt group yesterday but now I don't think I like the designer's layout.  I am going to put the blocks on my design wall and see if I can come up with something that is a bit more pleasing. I finished my funky chicken block of the month and now have to wait until the first of March until the next one is posted. 
Off to the doctor's tomorrow for another pre op test.  Be glad when it is all over.  I took this photo a while ago just after a snow storm.  I think it is an interesting mix of silver trees and black clouds.

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