Friday, February 24, 2012

Colour Contrasts.

We are getting another snow fall.  It seems as though it is going to be the type of grey day that even the most dedicated lover of winter finds discouraging.  As an antidote; just in case you are experiencing the same weather, I have posted a nice spring photo.  Birch trees has such a lovely airy appearance that it is impossible not to smile when you look at them.  We don't have many on our property but the ones we do are mostly amongst the evergreens on the other side of the pond.  The white branches stand out like a March break vacationer in Bermuda. My sister has quite a few on her property and this is one of them.
I think our nature demands some contrasts in colour to be happy.  I love black and white quilts but black and red are even more pleasing.
Most of Ontario seems to be getting some nasty weather so if you are on the roads, please be careful.  Remember that rushing may only get you into the ditch-or a collision-quicker than the person you passed.

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