Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organizing is Organized

Yesterday, I finished sorting through the last of my craft supplies and scraps.  Crafts and notions are now in labelled drawers and bins except for one container.  I am not sure what or where to put that stuff yet.  I guess I need a box marked Misc. for it.
My scraps have been sorted into two piles-strips and everything else.  All the strips were gathered together and put in a bag to be given to young woman I am teaching to quilt. No cries of horror please; I still have two other bins of sorted strips!
The other scraps are now going to be cut into bricks (3.5 X 6.5) and squares (5X5).  I am tired of doing strips although I do have a couple of IWTMT (I want to make that) patterns that use them.  I am sure I already have enough to make them.  If not, I can cut more.
In the midst of all this sorting, I have mislaid some border strips for a top I was finishing.  No, they aren't in the give away bag.  I checked that one first.  I think they may be in the tote of tops to be finished.  I put the fabric needed to complete each with them so the strips may have been included.
Quite a bit cooler here today but the sun is shining brilliantly.  I felt so housebound yesterday that I dashed outside for the afternoon walk and forgot my gloves.  It was warm enough that I didn't need them but I wasn't able to play 'chase the snowball' with the dog.
Getting a hair cut today and continue to work on the quilt room.

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