Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Good Neighbours

With all the melting and refreezing we have had the past few weeks, our road and parking area was getting pretty slippery.  We were debating on going for a walk on Saturday and thinking that it was best to stay in where it was safe when we heard the sound of an engine.  It got louder until our neighbour showed up with his backhoe and a load of sand which he spread around for us.
We are very fortunate to have good neighbours.  We all watch out for each other and no one needs to ask twice for help.  Skills are traded as are utility trailers and other items. When you need to pay for a service, you get value for your money.  Or at least, we always have.  It is wise to do business that way especially in a small community.  Everyone knows who everyone is and if someone is good but pricey you will know about it.  The same is true if a person does shoddy work. 
We are also fortunate in having most services in this area even though there is a small population.  Some of the costs are higher because the stores don't have the advantage of bulk purchase pricing  but the difference is offset by the price of fuel.
Life is good.

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