Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Funky

Here is my latest Funky Chicken from block of the month.  I just printed the March block this morning.  These make a nice break from working on the Baltimore Album blocks that I am appliqueing.  I am enjoying just picking out crazy fabrics for the chickens and making them as funky as a "well into her 60's" person can.    Of course, I think my generation invented 'funky' along with many other things that make life interesting!  Where would we have been without rock and roll, poodle, mini, or maxi skirts, afro and beehive hair dos or the Volkswagen beetle?
Would you like to go to a quilt show and learn from acclaimed teachers, see the latest innovations and fabrics without cost or leaving your home?  Here is the link to register.  The expo starts Mar. 7th and finishes on the 10th.  I go for my surgery on the 7th but I hope to still be able to check things out when I get home later in the day-if I am not too zonked out from the anesthesia.  If you register, let me know.  Perhaps we can all meet for lunch on one of the days.

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