Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's Snowing

Roger's Shed
I don't usually do a post on Saturday but I missed yesterday because I was in bed all day. I had dreadful back spasms and couldn't move without a lot of pain.  It is somewhat better today so now I need to keep moving.
We woke this morning to a very light, barely visible snowfall-a reminder of things to come.  In my case, as I love the winter, a promise.
This photo, taken and uploaded as a test of my new Internet connection, is Roger's marvellous shed.  The new server seems to be working fine so I hope to have less connection problems.  We really liked the other but have been having problems the last while.
Hope you are enjoying this first week of a new month,


  1. hi Anna,

    Sorry to hear about your back problems--no fun, I know!
    unlike you, I don't like winter, and I hope it's longs ways away yet. We've been having beautiful weather here, and is forecast for the whole week-yay!
    Those must be some really tall trees, the shed looks so small. The leaves are really pretty, ours are too.

  2. Hope you're feeling better Anna ... back problems are awful because you just can't do anything. Th picture is lovely ... can't believe you just got a little dusting of snow. It was 80 degrees yesterday in San Diego ... I love the fall leaves in your picture. My favorite season!