Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Red Hen

Our Little Red Hen

Heidi and the Little Red Hen

I am beginning to believe that not only am I not cut out to be a farmer but I also wouldn't make a good farmers wife.
I was listening to one of the hens lay an egg and it sounded so painful that I wasn't surprised that two of the hens weren't laying yet.  If I worked in a delivery room of a hospital, I doubt if I would have any children.
At least our hens have a good life.  Roger makes a good farmer and Heidi, as you can see, is doing her part.
We are going in to vote today and then have a few grocery items to pick up for Thanksgiving dinner.  the weather is really nice here so we should get a good electoral turnout.  Probably won't but I keep hoping that people will take their rights seriously.  People in other countries will walk for miles, face persecution and even death to mark their ballot.  In countries were voting is both free and easy, most of those eligable don't bother.  It really irks me.
I hung out some laundry this morning.  I think it will be one of the last times for this year as there was definate frost on the ground this morning.  Still haven't got those shutters painted.  Oh, well, I can try again next year.

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