Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harvest Time

I am making bread today and my husband is cutting up a bushel of apples.  The majority will go into the freezer for crisps and pies.  I will turn some of the smaller ones into apple butter.  I have put together my list of jams and butters that I want to make and yesterday I added cranberry chutney to it. Mom-in-law gave us a jar when she was here and it is great stuff.  She also gave us a honking great big bag of cranberries.
There is something satisfying about filling the shelves and freezer with produce.  I know that women in most countries of the world do it but I tend to think canning is a typically Canadian practice because of our harsh winters.  I remember my mother doing jars  of tomatoes.  We always seemed to have an abundance of them in our garden-tomatoes not jars.   I am sure she canned other things but it is the tomatoes I remember. 
I don't bother as you can buy them pretty cheaply.  I will freeze some which is an easier process if I have extra.
I am going to puree our pumpkin and freeze that so I can use it in soup.  I made a pumpkin curry soup last year and Roger has been raving about it ever since.  Perhaps I will just make a huge pot and then freeze it.  Freezers are another of those inventions which make our life easier.
We had an icebox when I was a child and milk etc. was kept cool with great blocks of ice.  I have no idea where the ice came from as we lived miles from anyone.  There was a lake at the end of our road so perhaps there were cottages that made the trip worthwhile for an iceman.
Better get out and help my husband or at least make some hints about apple crisp to keep him going.  He loves it.

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