Thursday, October 27, 2011

Done-Sort Of

Just got back from shopping.  We had a number of things to do beside getting groceries so by the time I was ready to do that, I was too tired.  There was only a couple of things we needed to get right away so I decided to get them at Walmart and do the rest another time.
Half way home, I realized I hadn't got the one thing we really needed: margarine.  Oh, well, I am in the village tomorrow to get a hair cut.  I will get it there.
It is hard when you have to go to another community to do the majority of your shopping.  It means that you really ned to spend the whole day going from one store to another and I'm not used to it.  And, if you purchase a item that doesn't fit or work, you have to drive all the way back again.  This is the one thing that I find difficult about rural living.  Of course, if all I had to do was cross the road for everything I needed, as was the case in Edmonton, we would have all the other urban related problems.
I should really do the grocery shopping first while I have the energy.  Perhaps I will try that next time.  If I remember.
Don't forget the special I have coming up for readers of this blog.  I should have the coupon code for you tomorrow.

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