Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nose to the Grindstone.

This is my designated work day and I have been thinking about what projects I need to get done.  I had a pattern that  needed to get written up and sent to my sister who is going to test it for me.  That is done.  I also need to get a couple of small projects designed and on my web page.  Last night, I was thinking about an idea for one of those patterns that I call slash and sew and think I have come up with something that will work.  So, that is going to be my main focus.  I need to do a trial pattern and see how it works.
I also need to hunt up a quilt with a lot of stitches to be unpicked as my Mom-in-law likes doing that.  Shouldn't be too hard to find.  When I was going through my learning process on the frame, I did a number of tops that turned out terribly.  I think, however, I will get her to undo a quilt that I have hand quilted.  I don't really like the pattern and I think I will just do it on the machine.
Do you do this-start something, decide you don't like it and undo all your work?  I tend to do it most often when knitting or crocheting but it sometimes happens with quilting as well.
We are having a bonus day today.  It was supposed to rain but it looks as though it may turn out nice.  We really need a lot of rain to make up for the dryish summer.  Our pond is down about half.  My husband says we now have a beach.
Guess I had better get organized so I can start that pattern.

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