Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heidi Approved Quilt

Heidi Testing my Quilt
Just finished writing up the pattern for this quilt last night and should have it onto my web by the begining of next week.  I have a couple of others to do before sending the patterns to my web genius.  As you can see, Heidi is giving it her comfort test.  I believe it passed as she was reluctant to get down-or perhaps she just thought she looked good against the bright colours!
I have a large pot of apples on the wood stove cooking and when they are done, I will puree and have them ready for apple butter.
My husband is outside winterizing his truck and then has to replace a plank in the bridge that crosses the pond.  We went there for a walk on Sunday and noticed that it had broke.
Last year, we had a deer break a leg when it slipped through a crack between the planks and we don't want that to happen again.  It probably would have survived as there are a number of neighbours who put out feed but one provided too much corn.  Deer cannot digest corn very well and, as that was all this buck was getting, it died painfully. 
I finished a top at quilt group yesterday and it has been added to the pile that needs quilting.  Today, I am getting at the frame machine to start reducing the pile.  It looks as though it may be a rainless day so I will go for a walk later but I do have to get these quilts finished. Even retired people have schedules!

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