Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Another Day

Our trees are almost bare.  The rain and wind have moved the leaves from the canopy above to the ground.  Heidi loves playing in them and every foot step is accompanied by a rustle.  I can see a lot further through the bush.  It is so nice to have a view that extends a couple hundred feet or more when, previously, it was to my next door neighbours wall in two directions, a fence in another and a highway and strip mall in the front.
My husband always tries to keep the van parked away from my window so I can see back to the pond. When the leaves are gone, I see past the water to the back of the property.  It is predominately evergreens so that is our horizon.
I am off to Huntsville today for a couple of medical tests and shopping. I am going to take my hand applique to work on while waiting.  I almost have the one block finished.  I need to buy some darker green thread so can pick that up today as well. Yesterday, I worked on the slash and sew pattern I mentioned.  It didn't work out so I guess I can mark that idea down as a failure.  Had another thought this morning so will try that one when I get home.
Our chickens have been a bit fitful in their laying the past couple of days so we will have to do some research to find out what needs to be changed. 

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