Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Special for You

I have just sent off two new patterns to be included on my web site.  One is of the photo I posted yesterday and the other will include a special offer for readers of this blog.
I wanted to do something to thank you for your support and, as I had just finished one of those sudden inspiration pattern ideas, I though that a special discount might be a good idea.
I will give you the code to enter and you will get 10% off the already low pattern cost.  You will be able to see the pattern on my web later this week.  I will let you know when it is posted.
All my patterns are instant downloads and they are sold at:
My web site is:  Those of you who have been readers for a while will already know about these sites but I have had a number of new followers join so this is for their benefit as well as a gentle reminder for everyone else.
This is our second day without rain although it is still rather dreary.  The chipmunks are busily dashing around gathering whatever they gather for winter.  We have also had a number of bluejays adding a bright spot of blue to the surroundings.
Where is my breakfast?
This fellow stood still long enough to get his picture taken but I am going to have to buy some more sunflower seeds when I shop tomorrow if I want to hold his interest.

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