Friday, November 12, 2010

What Happened to Thursday

Well, yesterday got away on me.  I didn't even realize I hadn't posted until I came to do today's blog.  We went to Burk's Fall's Remembrance Day service yesterday morning.  I don't think I have missed a service since I have been an adult.  I think it is just one of those things we should do.
A man from our church and I laid a wreath of behalf of our congregation. 
There were about 500 people in attendance which is great for a community of 1,000.  It was a well organized and moving service.  Afterwards, we went to a restaurant for a cup of tea and then back home.  The weather was gorgeous-one man was wearing shorts-and it was nice to be out.
This morning I have taken my car in for service.  I got a loaner car so have been able to come back home while they do the work.  My vehicle is one of the ones that has had a recall so that has to be done along with the winter tires, oil change etc.
Wednesday, my son and his wife came for a visit.  This is just a wonderful thing for me to have them living so close.  He has got a job and now they are looking for a place to live.  I can't wait to begin to help them decorate their home with my quilts.  My nephew and his family are moving into their new home on Monday and I am really excited for them.  Of course, this means more quilt qifts.  Isn't life great.
I just caught up on reading some of the other blogs I follow.  Quilter in the Pines is making gifts as well.
Our temperature is supposed to be around 14 today which is amazing for November.  My husband is out chopping wood and enjoying the air.  After I retrieve my car, I will take the dog (and myself) for a walk.
In the meantime, a-quilting I will go.

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