Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trinkle, trinkle

We had a wonderful time with my nephews family and my sister (his mother) on Saturday.  The weather was nice which made the drive extra enjoyable.  After lunch, my little three year old great nephew entertained us with story and song.  His favourite tune was "trinkle, trinkle little star" which he sang a few times much to the delight of his adoring family.  Not satisfied with that achievement, he took one of his mother's books from the library shelf and, quite seriously, read us a story which involved mommy, daddy and grandma. 
His older sister, Ellie was busy being a mom with her newest doll considering herself, at five, being much too old for her brother's antics.  Ellie always asks 'where is the little dog' a number of times as she really likes Heidi despite the fact she has been scratched by her.  Heidi is still learning not to jump on people in her desire to show affection and has caught Ellie with her sharp little front claws.  They are moving to a bigger home with a nice large lot so I am planning on taking Heidi on our next visit.
We had left the dog with her caregiver and picked her up on our trip home. Irene had her and a couple of other dogs out for their evening walk when we arrived and they were a delight to see.  Three little dogs with special collars that had flashing lights being walked by two women in fluorescent safety vests.  Quite a sight and, I am sure, people watched from their windows as they passed.  Irene, as I have said a number of times, is an absolute wonder who puts the needs and safety of her little charges first.  I am so thankful to have Heidi as one of her adoptees.
Am still working on the scrappy heart quilt and the book sample one.  This will be a busy week with Remembrance Day, my sister coming here for a visit and taking the car in for its winter readiness.  I guess my quilting will have to be done in bits and pieces. Still, it does get done, doesn't it.

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  1. I love trinkle trinkle little star! When I was at the drum teacher's last night for my son's lesson, her 5 yr old son challenged me to a game of Goldfish. My son thought I was daft and kept telling me "mom, it's Go Fish!" "I know dear."