Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stolen Quilts and Shopping

Those of us who quilt know how much time and expense goes into our creations.  This is especially true for those who create for shows and other exhibits.  Unfortunately, sometimes these masterpieces get stolen.  I cannot imagine how griefstricken the quilt owner must feel when they discover the loss. 
Some of these stolen quilts are sold at fleemarkets, on line auction sites or in newspapers. 
If you see a quilt for sale, check to see if there is a label on the back or a place where one used to be.  If possible, ask a few questions such as who made the quilt, the contents of fabric (cotton, silk etc).  The seller should have some information.  Of course, they could always say it belonged to their mother or other family member but it should be fairly obvious that the fabric and designs are recent.
There is also a web site you can check.
Some of the stories will break your heart.  There are also sites owned by quilters who have had their work-sometimes going back for years-stolen.  Please keep your eyes open for these quilts and, if you are at a show, watch for suspicious activity.
We went to Huntsville to do some shopping today.  I boughts some batting, thread and a few other sewing needs.  Then I did a bit of grocery shopping before having lunch.  After getting home, putting everything away and enjoying a cup of tea, we took the dog for a walk.  It was obvious that Heidi was feeling the need for some exercise as she dashed around in circles like a demented rabbit.Oh, for a quarter of that energy!

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  1. Love the comparison to a demented rabbit!!! Mine has been over the top crazy lately too. I think it's the cooler air, and all those leaves to chase!