Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weather and QIAB

We are supposed to get freezing rain today so I guess I will have to stay inside and quilt.  Oh, pooh! 
I finished quilting the book sample quilt and am doing the binding now.  Once that is finished, it is on to the writing part.
Yesterday evening, after watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, I did a mini cleaning of my room.  I have another scrappy quilt I would like to do and, after I put all the strips from the book quilt into a bag, found that I have almost enough for this project.
The design I was working on yesterday is also a scrappy and I am sure I have enough left over strips from another project to do that.  My husband loves it when I tell him that I am working on 'no cost' quilts.  Even though he isn't a quilter, he knows the fabric had to originate from somewhere and that somewhere was a store.  Still, it does make you feel better doesn't it!
I am really trying to complete all the quilt in a bag ideas I have.  You know what a QIAB is, don't you.  That is all those bits of fabric you have stored with the pattern in a baggie to do someday. Usually you are waiting for (a) to find the perfect fabric to add, (b) time, (c) all of the above.  Of course, while you are waiting, you are adding more baggies to the pile!
My other challenge is to try and finish all these QIUB's and other projects without buying additional fabric other than batting.    I may buy fabric 'just because' as I am, after all, merely human although I am trying to limit that-the buying not the humanity.
I am going to have one more go at designing that pattern and, if I have problems, I will just do it on paper.  I would like to be able to do it in EQ as it helps me work out the fabric amounts. 
Maybe my next book should be on scrappy quilts.  Guess I had better finish this one first!

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