Friday, November 5, 2010

Fast Flees the Day

Here it is Friday again.  Another month well started and another week almost finished.  I got an order from a local store for one of my products yesterday so have been working on getting that filled as well as discussing a writing job with another person.  In the midst of this, I am making bread, doing regular housework stuff and thinking about what I need to do before going away tomorrow.  One of the things on the to do list is setting the clocks back.  I will do that tomorrow morning.
I have to take Heidi to her caregivers later today, will pick up the mail and drop off the store order on the way back. Then it is supper and perhaps get some more work done on the quilt book quilt.
I wonder what it is like to be bored.
My husband is going to his families hunt camp the first of this week so I may take some time to just read a book.  My sister is coming over next Tuesday so we can have a nice visit.
I put out some bird seed in the feeder yesterday and noticed that our little red squirrel has found it.  He doesn't realize that I put the cheaper stuff in that feeder as I knew he would be around.  The better quality seed will go into the squirrel proof (I hope) container.  I took a picture of the little guy enjoying his lunch but he was hidden in the shadows so it didn't come out as I hoped.  I am sure I will have more opportunities.
Have a great weekend,

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