Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mid Week

I had a lovely visit with my sister yesterday.  We walked around our property and over to our younger sisters land.  It is amazing to think that in a few years both my sisters will be living in the same country and province as I do.
It is a fact of life in Canada that many of use have parents and/or siblings in another country. I believe the same must be true for people living in the U.S. as both countries receive a lot of immigration.  I don't think those of us that moved from England think of ourselves as immigrants in the same sense as those from non-English speaking countries or who were fleeing persecution although we are, of course. I am here because my mother was a war bride.  We came to Canada on one of the first trans-Atlantic flights.  I don't think you lose your heart ties to your mother country but I am very glad to be living in Canada.
My husband came home from the hunt camp yesterday-a day early.  It is nice to have him back.  I feel safer at night knowing my big strong man is there to protect us. He brought with him an antique chest that had belonged to his Grandmother.  Her family brought it from Quebec in 1900.  It is a lovely piece of oak  (I'm guessing) furniture and, although we really don't have room for it just now, I am pleased to have it.  We were given Grandma's dishes shortly after we married and they have pride of place in the china cabinet.  They were made by Brimley in England and very good quality.  Family heirlooms are very special.  The ones from my family consist of jewelry and although I don't very often wear them, I do value them.

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