Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day of Accomplishment

My husband got his deer yesterday.  He went out again after supper.  I heard a shot around 6.30 just as I was thinking that he would soon be coming in.  He is happy and I am happy for him.
I had some home made risers done for my quilt frame and got them put on yesterday.  I also tightened up all the bolts and cleaned the runners.  Once I had that finished I took out the projects that needed quilting and, now I am going to have to put the extension back on the frame.  Drat. I prefer to not have it on as my quilt room isn't very big but, I guess if I am going to do things right, I better use it.
I have almost finished the blocks for one of the sample quilts for my book so that, too, is an accomplishment.
I have another handy tip for you.  This came from one of the ladies in our quilt group.  Remember that putty- like stuff that teacher used for putting art work etc on the wall?  It can also be used to hold your seam ripper to your machine.  I have three of them and still never have one where I need it.  My thread snips I have tied to  ribbons and then attached to various places I need them.  Couldn't come up with a solution for wandering seam rippers.  So now, thanks to Davina, I am off to the dollar store for some of that stuff.  Every group should have a Davina in it.  She is marvellous at finding new products or new uses for old ones.

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