Friday, November 19, 2010


I gave Heidi a bath this morning followed by a good brushing and removal of tats.  When I was finished , she looked like a marshmallow.  She reminded me of the cartoon cats who used to get caught in the clothes dryer and, when the door opened, would float out like a balloon of hair and eyes.  (I wonder how many children thought that putting kitty in the dryer was a fun thing to do after watching those shows.)
I am finally starting to get into the Christmas sewing mood.  My husbands family isn't drawing names this year.  Everyone is giving small making it yourself or dollar store type gifts.  The children, of course, will get bought for as before.  I was reading a posting on one of the quilt groups this morning and got my inspiration.  I won't tell you what it is as some of those family members read my blog.
We got a skiff of snow last night.  It is amazing how just a little bit of white on the ground makes the night seem so much brighter.  The moon was playing peekaboo behind the clouds but when it did show its nice full face through the tree branches it made for a pretty sight.
I have always preferred rather stark photos or paintings.  A single leafless tree in a snowy field, a sagging barn, or a horse silhouetted on a hill when hold my attention much longer than something full of colour.  Strangely, that preference isn't reflected in my quilts but that is perhaps because my skill isn't sufficient.

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