Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whew, Snow

Boy, did we get a snowfall.  As I write this, our road is being plowed if the guy can figure out where to put it all.  My husband had to mark where one of the wood piles was because you can't see it.
I went out yesterday evening to clear a path for the dog and bring in some wood.  I also cleared off the steps.  Two hours later, there was another 4 inches of snow on them.
Fortunately, it is the light fluffy kind so it isn't hard to move and it certainly is pretty.  I am sure everyone gets tired of me say how beautiful everything is and how peaceful but, it is.  A bit of a breeze has started to blow and the trees are shaking on some of their covering.  The sunlight is adding some shadows and giving a contrast to all the white.
I am taking my camera and the dog and going outside.  Will try and talk about something else tomorrow.

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