Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Deer

We discovered why our dog, Heidi was creating such a fuss the other day.  A deer died a few properties away and nature was taking its course.  About a week ago, we noticed the buck who frequented the area had a bad leg.  We and our neighbours were feeding it in the hopes it would be able to recover but we could see it was getting worse.  A sad situation but not an unusual one.  When you have a front window to the wild, you are going to be privy to some of the unpleasantries.
I have been making jam for the last two days and now have to do a bit of baking for the weekend.  Consequently, not getting much quilting done.  I do, however, still plan on posting a free block pattern tomorrow.
I see we have added yet another follower to the blog.  Thank you for joining and please let me know what you think of my ramblings. 
There is a place for comments at the end of the blog if anyone has any thoughts they would like to share.

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