Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Huffelumps and Weasels?

Heidi on guard.

Our dog, Heidi, always likes to let us know if a leaf is falling in the bush, a bird has landed anywhere within a mile or two or if a vehicle is approaching. In short, she is yappy. I have been trying to curb her enthusiasm and she has got a lot better. Yesterday, however, she just kept barking. If she was outside, it was worse but even indoors she seemed to be on edge.
All this led us to believe that there was something she sensed that was unusual or dangerous. When you live in the woods, this could be anything from a skunk to a wolf. Whatever was causing her concern has gone away as today she is back to normal.
I have taken to carrying a cane with me when I go for a walk. It helps in the slippery areas but I also think it would come in handy if anything decided to see if Heidi (or me) would make a good lunch. Me shrieking and waving the cane and the dog barking should send anything scurrying back to the peace and safety of his woodland home.
I should add that I always stick to the road when it is just Heidi and I walking. I don't think I am brave (foolish?)enough to go through the bush on my own. I would probably get lost anyway.
Realistically, the country is safer than a city but, no matter where you live, you either deal with the situations or become a recluse. I prefer the former. I would hate to not be able to enjoy the wonder that surrounds me.

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