Monday, January 11, 2010

Quilt Group

The Burk's Falls quilt group has decided to meet every Monday now instead of twice a month.  I am pleased with this decision as going to group is like a mini retreat: no phones to answer, meals to get ( we brown bag it),or unfinished housework making its presence known. We have lots of room so each of us can have our own table, set up more for cutting and ironing and another for food treats that someone always brings plus patterns, fabric and books to be shared.
We are very fortunate to have such a room and, top it all off with lots of sharing and laughter and you couldn't ask for anything more.
Right now we are all finishing a quilt that was donated to us. Someone bought the pattern and fabric and then decided it was more than she wanted to do. Everything was given to our group and we are going to make the quilt and then give it to a charity. I don't blame this lady for deciding not to do it as the pattern is one of those awkward ones that are more irritating than challenging. We are gradually getting it sorted out and each of us have taken some of it home to work on.
Our take home sections are applique which will be a challenge for me so I hope that I am able to do a decent job.
Our weather is warming up a bit. Perhaps a January thaw is around the corner.

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