Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Book and Number Fifteen

This blog now has fifteen followers. It is both humbling and exciting to know that in addition to these 15 members there are also many others who take time to read this blog each day.
I would like to welcome quilting biker who is our latest member. You will be interested to know QB that a number of other members, myself included, also combine the love of motorcycling and quilting. I am not sure why, but a lot of women seem to do both.
In honour of reaching the number 15, I will be posting a free block either on or before Friday.
My book is doing well and I expect to have it finished before the end of January. It will contain at least a dozen quilt patterns that can be completed in a few hours. I will be selling the book on line and the price will be $18.00 but you, dear friends, can purchase it for $15.00. If interested, you can let me know at: arkangelcreations@gmail.com.
I have spent the morning pickling some beets. My husband bought a bag in the fall (after I thought I was finished) at a 'can't refuse' price. They have been sitting in the cupboard ever since. Everytime I opened the door, there they sat staring at me. It was a good sized bag so I think we now have enough pickles to last until next season. I also had the opportunity to give the counter a good washing as one of the jars slipped from my hand and I had beets and juice all over everything. Argh!
I still have jam to make. No excuse for that. Just hadn't got around to it. The frozen berries have been taking up space in the freezer ever since we picked them last summer. I do prefer to make jam etc in the winter rather than when it is so hot. I was planning on doing that this afternoon but it may not get done until tomorrow. Standing at my kitchen counter for a long period of time is hard on my back as I am tall and everything seems to be too low.

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