Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I had planned, yesterday, to do some more work on my book.  I need to get it finished and ready for on line publication but, as it is one of those drudgery jobs, it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list.
I really don't like having chores hanging around like a black cloud so was feeling quite upbeat yesterday about my decision to get this particular one finished.
Of course, life often gets in the way of best intentions and, once again, I didn't work on a single page.
Our water line has been froze since Monday so a lot of the day was spent fiddling around being ready to help my husband if he needed it or just trying to be encouraging.  When I am writing, I like to be able to sit down and concentrate on it.  The thought of being interupted, no matter how briefly, discourages me from even trying.
I have been working on getting my studio organized-again-and a chance question from someone on an on-line group caused me to grab  my scraps and start cutting them into strips and squares.  This, in turn, led to working on my scrappy quilt.  Eventually, the day was finished andnothing was done on the book.
Today doesn't look to be any better but, as soon as I finish this, I am going to go directly to that book and do something!  Honest.

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  1. LOL

    Nice to know our discussions can sometimes be inspiring. ;-)