Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Things Mean a Lot

Saw an interesting and unexpected sight as we were on our way-once again-to Orillia on Sunday.  Approximately three quarters of the way there, in Severn Bridge, is a pretty spot that we always look at as we drive past. There is a small, winding river fairly close to the road with various trees hugging the bank, alternately hiding and revealing the water.  Our glance revealed something more this time, however.  We saw a large white bird gliding along the water. Then we saw a few more, some swimming others bottoms up.  They were swans!
We told the family after we arrived and were informed that if the birds have open water they will stay year round and that was the case with the ones we saw.  A lovely sight on a winters day.
Some times we miss sights like this in our rush to get someplace.  Drivers are often oblivious to their surroundings as they weave in and out of traffic anxious to be at their destination a few minutes earlier.
No matter how many times my husband and I drive on a road, we still love looking at the scenery.  We have seen moose, bear, herons, still lakes that relect the clouds and many other wonderful sights.  In the winter, the ice formed from water dripping down rocks sparkle in the sunshine creating an ever changing sculpture. 
A person can get a lot of pleasure from these little things and they don't cost a penny.

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