Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hurray for Me

I feel quite pleased with myself.  I spent a good bit of the day yesterday working on my book.  I have changed some of the quilt patterns, deleted some, added others and I think I am on the road to getting this done. You will hear the victory shout, I am sure.
We also got our water line thawed out today.  It was froze for quite a distance so it is a good thing we called someone in.  Apparently, our line heater thingy isn't working properly. I am now busy doing dishes, laundry and flushing toilets.  Bliss.
Went to Huntsville this morning and did a bit of shopping.  Whatever did we do before the Dollar stores popped up in every community?  I bought some mechanical pencils which I use for tracing paper piecing patterns (say that three times real quick), some silk flowers for the church vases and a clock.  One of our wall clocks did a humpty dumpty and we needed another.  There are some things I wouldn't buy there and others can be got just as cheaply in department stores but, for the main, they are a great place to shop. 
I also had to buy our dog a new chew toy.  The previous 'squeaky' was down to a bit of rubber and it is her favourite play thing.  She and my husband are now playing catch and Heidi is as happy as any little dog could be.  Life is good.

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