Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthdays and Surprises

Yesterday was my husband's 60th birthday.  I think milestone birthdays should be celebrated with appropriate recognition and, so far, that seems to be the case with this one.  We had a family gathering on Sunday, yesterday I gave him his gift and cooked his favourite supper.  This Sunday, we are having pot luck at church and I was planning on taking a carrot birthday cake complete with candles but I think I need to come up with another idea.  Last night, we were invited to our neighbour's for a game of cards and, although I really wanted to stay home and quilt, I agree because of the birthday.  Unknown to me, they had put together a little celebration for Roger with a gift and, you guessed it, carrot cake.  Hence the need for plan B as soon as I think of one.
Today, I went over to help one of the ladies in our quilt group with her long arm table.  She had bought a Little Gracie frame and was having a bit of a problem getting it operational.  I am usually fairly good at this sort of thing and have had some experience with another quilt table so I was glad to help.  They had done most of the work so it didn't take me long to adjust a few things.  After lunch, I showed her what I had done differently and how some of the options worked.  I mentioned that after she had tried it out for a while, I would be glad to come back if she needed further help. And that I figured was that.  Not so.  She insisted on me taking her Juki long arm sewing machine. 
I now have it at home and am looking at all the features.  I do have a good machine but this one has a much larger arm area and can be put on a long arm quilt frame.  I had been hoping to get something like this but, for financial reasons, it was pretty low on the purchase list.  It is going to be so much easier top stitching my full size quilts.  I have a king size that has been pinned and ready to go.  Now I can get it done.  I am, of course, thrilled.  And now, I am going to try it out.

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