Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Pattern

Was thinking about my blog topic while cleaning the breakfast table this morning.  While wiping its surface, I had to move the coasters I made and eureka! a topic.  Bloggers (there is a word that wasn't around a few years ago) have a responsiblity to their readers to try to be as entertaining as possible.  It is probably a little easier if you focus on one area i.e. cats, profession etc.  Because I know that some people read mine simply because it is mine, others because of the quilts and others because they are interested in my rural life (there may be even more reasons that I can't think of), I try to vary my topics.
However, as you know, quilting is the main focus.  So, today I have another pattern for you.

This is another of those patterns that will use up scraps.  You need fabric strips 1 1/2" wide in at least 2 colours.  They can be as short as 5 inches or the width of your fabric.
Sew 4 strips together, alternating colours i.e. black, white, black, white.
Cut these strips into 1 1/2" sections.
Sew 4 sections together to form a checkerboard pattern
Press and trim to square.
Place batting on your table and center backing wrong side down, on top. Place bock right side down on backing (backing and block have right sides together).  Pin and sew all around, leaving an opening for turning. Carefully trim batting close to stitching line.
Turn and top stitch down the center and across the middle. Hand stitch opening.
Make as many more as you need.

You can use wider fabric strips to make hot pads or placemats.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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