Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Worthwhile Project

It is colder this morning with a light frost on the trees and ground.  The sun is still shining brightly though.  I am making bread and doing laundry.  As soon as I get the bread done and ready to rise, I will be going outside to help my husband with some of the firewood he cut yesterday.
Last night while watching the news, I got out my tote of scraps.  I took me over an hour but I got the strips, blocks and pieces all seperated.  All this has accumulated in a year as I got rid of all those little 'some day' bits before I moved.  I will now sort them further into colours and put them into baggies where they will be ready for when needed.  I don't kid myself that all future scraps will be kept organzied but at least this lot is.
One of the ladies in our quilt group told us of a project that you might find worthwhile.  A mother whose child had cancer started this and continues it in the name of her child who, sadly, succumb to this dreadful disease.
The project is to make colourful pillowcases which will be used to help brighten the day of children who are outpatients or staying in hospital undergoing cancer treatment.  The pillowcases must be cotton or flannel, have no raw edges and be of a uniform size.  Fabric is washed in plain water and dried without the use of fabric softeners or dryer sheets.  The completed cases are placed in individual ziplock bags.  As you can imagine everything possible has to be done to protect these children who have suppressed immunity.  The child is given a different case each day and, if they are outpatients, get to take one home.
If you are interested in this project, check to see if the hospital in your area that treats children with cancer is interested in receiving them.  The pillowcases have to be sterilized and this is extra work for the staff.  If they can't use them, perhaps the regular pediatric ward can as, no matter the reason, being in the hospital is especially hard for children.
If you would like to make the case, contact me and I will give you the instructions. arkangelcreations@gmail.com

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