Friday, November 13, 2009

Autumn in the Backwoods

I suppose it isn't nice to laugh at our poor dog but she is certainly a leaf magnet.  One of them almost covered her eye but she waited until I took the picture and then tried to shake it off.  Of course, when you have that much hair, someone has to help with the grooming.
Her hair is like velcro.  Whenever she has been outside, she is festooned with  twigs, burrs and other plantlife.  I probably should have her trimmed but I do like her long hair and she is good about getting brushed.
Our pets certainly provide us with a smile, don't they.  No wonder they are good for our blood pressure.  Except, of course, when they insist on getting into trouble.  I am not sure what is going to happen to our Christmas tree this year.  Last year, when she was only a few months old, we put the tree on a table.  This year, we have an artificial one and its height determines its place on the floor.  I have visions of chewn decorations.  Oh, well, there is nothing wrong with having no trim on the bottom half.

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