Friday, November 20, 2009

Bits and Pieces

This is my great neice and nephew on their great uncle's motorcycle. Doesn't Ellie look serious about being in control. I think she is a future biker chick.  Their father used to race bikes in England.

I spent most of yesterday making nativity costumes and starting my sister's birthday present.  As she may read this posting,  I will have to tell you what it is after she gets it.
I suppose you have heard the news reports about Oprah not renewing her TV show contract after 2011.  It seems to be all over the news this morning which has left me thinking about what we consider to be important.  Yes, she has a popular show and, yes, she certainly is an influential women but is end of her show an earth shattering event?  There were a set of conjoined infants who underwent a successful operation  and they only got a brif mention. I could start with one of my rants but I guess I will just leave it at that but I really do think we could take another look at our value system in this country.
Have you done a quilt as you go pattern?  I like them but hate all the hand sewing that has to be done.  I have recently designed a pattern where everything is done on the machine.  As soon as I have a test done, I am going to get it ready to sell. 
One of the hardest things about developing a home business is setting and meeting goals.  Because you are your own boss, there is a tendancy to not take your work seriously i.e. set aside time to do it.  Maybe that will be my resolution this year.

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