Monday, November 2, 2009


Pardon me while I rant.  I have been watching the news broadcasts of all the long lines as people wait to get their flu shots.  Most of them consist of family groups; parents with babies and small children.  They are waiting in these lines for hours.  Hours! with children that need to eat, go to the toilet, run off energy.  Waiting in line with people who, potentially, have the flu or other communicable illness. 
For weeks, we have been told of the necessity of getting the vaccination.  Doctor's have said that 'while most cases of H1N1 will be mild, people should get the needle to prevent the spread of the virus to the vulnerable and to reduce the effect on the economy'.  People listened and responded and the very people who told us to do this are not prepared.
All this leaves me wondering what would happen if we had a truly dangerous pandemic.  If we can't be prepared for something like the flu, then how are we to be ready for an outbreak like polio, a plague, or germ warfare.  The reality is that we won't be. Big brother does not have all the anwers.
So, what to do.  I think that as a nation, we do not accept that we will have to be uncomfortable or even to suffer at times.  We  need to take back responsbility for ourselves.  Governments have taught us to depend on them.  We are told that they will provide our care from the time we are born until we day we die and, not only is it impossible, it is also unrealistic.
My prescription:  exercise, eat healthy, laugh, pray, get lots of sleep, reduce anxiety and accept that your life will contain good days as well as bad.

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