Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This and That

Welcome to the newest members.  I think I will have to do some sort of milestone project later on.  Not sure just what the goal should be-six month mark, 25 members?  Will have to think on that.

Just some random thoughts today.  Yesterday, my husband was out hunting.  It was a miserable day.  We had rain and snow and a mix of both.  I, of course, was in my studio sewing away and looking out at the back of our property when I saw a movement.  You guessed it; a deer.  Roger never saw anything all day.

Handquilting Frames:  I don't watch very much television and, when I do, I like to keep my hands busy.  Lately, I have been trying to improve my hand applique (and finish a project I started over 30 years ago) so have been wrestling with various sized hoops to hold my work. I really wanted some kind of frame but it had to be foldable as we are a bit short on space.   The  frames in the quilt magazines are nice but too expensive.  Last night I tried out something that was posted in an one of the on-line groups I subscribe to (or it may have been a mag. hint).  It works great.  I put the quilt in the largest hoop I have, placed the 'top' of the hoop on  the back of a kitchen chair  and the 'bottom' rested in my lap.  It can be turned easily, is simple to move to a different area of a quilt without undoing a bunch of clamps or pins, and stores beside the couch.

Pining a Quilt:  Here is an idea of my own.  I have read of various methods of securing quilt backing before pining but the easiest method I have found is using butterfly clamps.  I am not sure that is what they are called but they can be found in stationary stores, are black and have 'wings' that fold back to be used as handles to open the clamp part.  Get the biggest ones you can find, spread your fabric on the table, place clamps on fabric and one side of the table.  Move to opposite side, pull fabric taut, clamp.  Repeat on other ends.  If your quilt is too big for the table, you can still use this method, pin the surface that is on the table, move quilt and then repeat. Much easier on the back than doing it all on the floor and your resident fur child won't be walking or sleeping on it while you work.

Are you working on the mystery quilt?  How are you doing?


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