Monday, November 16, 2009


Every so often I need a reminder of how lucky I am.  This morning I was feeling grumpy because my husband woke up early and started rattling around starting the fire, watching television and generally creating a noise.  It woke me up but I was still drowsing. Then the dog barked and scared me half to death. And so, I was feeling a bit grumpy as I was making my breakfast and getting ready for the day.
My usual habit after breakfast and devotions is to check my e mail.  This morning there was a note from a group member in Australia telling us about her cats getting outside, the panic of rounding them up and getting a bad bite in the process.  Suddenly, my day seemed rather peaceful.
This morning I am off to my quilt group.  I am working on a scrappy heart quilt which started off as a scrappy bargello.  Decided I didn't like the look of that so took it apart and am using the squares to make this project.
Saturday was the village craft sale and I am pleased with how I did.  One lady scooped up all my baked potato bags (knew I should have made more of them) and I sold a quilted table runner and some other things.  I am also going to have a sale in my home in December  the week after the Santa parade. 

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