Friday, November 27, 2009

PB and Ice-Cream, Oh My

I admit it.  I am a peanut butter nut.  I love the stuff.  I love it mixed in with vanilla ice-cream, spread on bread, toast or a bagel.  I love it combined with jam or straight out of the jar.
When I went for my last physical and told the doctor how much trouble I was having getting my weight to budge, I happened to mention that I ate  a couple of large spoonfuls of pb every day (not counting what went on bread).  He suggested I might want to cut back.  Actually, he gave me a bit of a lecture on the perils of extra weight and told me to wise up. 
Well, I have tried.  First of all, it was easier to increase my walking distance and cut back on my other food portions.  I now limit (or try, anyway) my daily PB intake to one slice of bread or one small bit on a spoon.
I should just quit buying it which is the method I employ for most of the 'bad for you' foods.  But then, I remind myself that PB is a protien and protien is good for you.  And, I really don't know how I would react to complete withdrawal.  Would I start complusively cleaning the house?  Would I take up marathon running or kick boxing?  I think that in the interest of sanity (my husbands as well as mine), I better have my fix each day.  I think thinness is over-rated anyway.

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