Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Little Heidi

 I was wondering what to write about today when Heidi gave me the topic.  When she was little and starting her toilet training, we needed to find a way she could let us know she wanted to go out.  If Heidi just sat by the door, we wouldn't always see her in time.  We didn't want her to scratch the door or bark so we came up with another method.  I found a large, round, metal bell and attached it to the shoe stand near the door.  I wasn't sure she would get the idea but everytime she wanted out, I took her paw and rang the bell.  It only took a few days before she did it herself much to our amusement.  Of course, we made a big fuss which resulted in her ringing it a dozen times a day for a bit. 
Sometimes my husband forgets and leaves his workboots by the door and Heidi can't get to the bell.  The first time that happened, we heard her whine (which is unusual) and investigated.  There she was trying to paw at the bell which was behind the boot. 
I wish we could train her to stop barking at every imagined sound as easily.

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