Friday, December 30, 2016

Tis the Season-Still

I have got the last of my pre New Year's work finished.  This my last Island Batik project for this year.  As you can see, the topic is giving.  We were asked to make something that could be donated to a charity.  I chose the Salvation Army.  This organization, as you probably know, operates year round giving assistance to those in need. One of the reasons I support the Army besides what I just mentioned, is that all the monies given goes to their work not to pay for advertising, wages etc. etc.
Although Christmas, the traditional time for giving for many people, is past, you can still donate to the Salvation Army whether it is food for the food banks, money to help support shelters etc. or your time. 

This little wall hanging is called Fun at the Seashore.

Happy New Year to all my readers.  Thank you for your encouragement and the time you take to read my thoughts.

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