Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snow Squalls and Needles

We got quite a bit of snow today.  Hubby got out the snow blower and did the walk way and back to the chicken coop but it didn't take long for it to need doing again.  I cleaned off the bird feeders a couple of times but it was a losing battle.  The second time I went out I took Heidi for a walk around the previously plowed area where she wouldn't disappear from view into the drifts.  We chased around for a while then I brought her in and put her in the sink to get rid of the snow balls.  I should have put her bootees on but it would have taken longer to dress her than the time spent outside.
I was able to get a top almost completely quilted.  I had the usual adjustment period with the machine.  The thread kept breaking and breaking no matter what I did: rethreaded, changed needle, changed thread.  Then I put a cap over the thread spool and that solved the problem.  Haven't had to do that before but, whatever works is fine by me.
Tomorrow Hubby and I go in for our shingles prevention needle.  I am positive I haven't had chickenpox which means I probably won't get shingles but this is one of those 'better safe than sorry' situations.  I never get the flu shot nor am I big on a lot of pills and drugs.  I am fortunate in having a good immune system but I do think this needle is one that is wise to get.
While we are in the village, we will check out a new  cafĂ© and have lunch.  I should be able to finish the quilt tomorrow and then get the other customer one loaded.  I want to get them done this week so I can start on the lap quilt another customer has commissioned.  I will need to design the pattern for it so it will take a bit of time.  Fortunately, it isn't needed until after Christmas
If you are in the area to the south of us that is getting the snow squalls tonight, stay safe.

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