Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fabric Ornaments-Pattern

We are getting a ton of snow.  It wasn't very cold today so hubby and I went snowshoeing through the bush.  Actually, he snowshoed and I trudged behind.  I am still having trouble with my back and wasn't sure if the unusual activity would aggravate it.
How are your Christmas preparations coming?  I finished setting up my nativity sets today and am working on some little decorations.  These make great last minute stocking stuffer gifts or would look nice on a gift package.

Here are the instructions.

Fabric Ornaments

You can make numerous ornaments all the same colour with strip piecing method or individually as scrappies.  Instructions will be given for both.

Strip Piecing:

Cut 2-1” X 15” strips of dark or medium colour fabric (A)

Cut 1-2” X 15” strip of light fabric. (B)

Sew a   1” X 15”  strip on either side of the 2” strip.  Press toward centre

Cut into 6-3” X 2” pieces.

Cut 2-1” X 15” strips of  bright fabric (C)

Cut 1-2” X 15” strips of (A) fabric

Sew A on either side of C

Cut into 12 3” X 1” pieces and sew onto the top and bottom of the 6 pieces.  Press toward the centre.

Scrappy Method

For each ornament:

Cut 1- 2” square of . (A) light fabric

Cut 4-1” X 2” strips of (B) medium or dark fabric

Sew 2 B strips on opposite sides of A

Cut 1-1” X4” strip bright  © fabric

Sub cut into 4-1” sections and sew onto either end of the 2 remaining B strips.

This next step is the same for both methods

Cut a 3” square of fabric for backing

Cut a 5” length of ribbon for a hanger.

Fold ribbon in half and place in the center (on the right side) of one of the pieced squares with edges even with raw edge of square.  Pin or baste in place.

Place backing square on pieced square, right sides together, sew around leaving and opening at the bottom for turning.  Trim corners, turn right side out  Lightly stuff with batting and sew opening.

Place a decorative/seasonal button in the centre of the ornament and attach by stitching through all the layers.  Hide end of the thread by pushing needle through top layer and trim.


  1. Hi Ann: Your little ornaments are very sweet. I should be making some little things but I've lost my yaya. Having to finish three big quilts in about 6 weeks took the quilting drive right away from me. In the new year I'll get back to it.
    I have a few gifts to wrap and another hat and cowl to knit for gifting. All the grandchildren and daughters are done anyway.
    Hang tight, looks like some crazy weather blowing in again!

    1. Thanks, Karen. We have had some really nasty weather today and it doesn't look as though it is going to let us soon. I got the grandchildren's gifts partially done. They go to the Bahamas for Christmas so we send things to arrive after the new year. I know what you mean about loosing the incentive. Took me a bit to get into the swing of it. That is the problem when you quilt for others.