Thursday, December 22, 2016

Joining Wide Strips-A Tutorial

I have been able to get a lot accomplished today and I think I might actually be ready for Christmas before it gets here.  I have a little bit of baking to do, my magazine article to send and some gifts to wrap and that is it.
Today, I finished the centre block of my lighthouse quilt.  I had to join some wide strips and, because these can be difficult, I have put together a mini tutorial.
Sewing on the diagonal such as when joining two fabric strips can be challenging because this is the stretchiest part of the fabric.  Here is one way to do it successfully.  My strips were 10 1/2 inches wide but this will work with any width.
Ensure that the ends of the strips that are to be joined are square.  Place your ruler on the fabric to find the 45 degree angle and draw a line along the ruler being careful not to stretch the fabric.  Fold fabric back along the line (wrong sides together) and press once again being careful not to stretch the fabric.
Place a strip of fusible such as the kind used to hem pants (I use Trans Web tape) on the RIGHT side of the fabric 1/2" to the right of the pressed line and iron in place.  Remove backing from tape.  Place the other fabric strip on top of the first as you normally do when joining.  Press along the fusible.
Sew along the drawn line and trim as usual.  The tape will be on the side that is discarded.

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