Friday, December 9, 2016

A Fun Community

One of my favourite quilting magazines, Quilter's Connection, came in the mail today.  As usual, I sat down to read it through as soon as I got home.  However, I quickly discovered this issue was a bit different.  It still focused on Canadian quilter's, designers and shops but it also featured some software  with which I was completely unfamiliar.  Spoonflower was one of the programs and it helps you design your own fabric, list it for sale and receive a percentage of the profits if it finds a buyer. Quilt Fusion allows you to play with pre designed applique shapes enabling you to make your own art quilts.
I still haven't made it all the way through the magazine.  I keep running to the computer and looking up a program or web site.  I haven't got to the articles by the woman who is on one of the Facebook sites I frequent or the one about 1/4 inch seams yet. 
If you haven't read this Canadian magazine, I highly recommend it.  On a personal note, they , following the publication of an article by me,  are the ones who named me the Back Woods Quilter, a title I have kept and use to this day.

Hubby and I got our shingles vaccination today, did a bit of shopping and then went to lunch in a cafĂ© that just opened.  A discussion with the owner revealed she had just moved to the village from South Africa.  Her daughter was one of the developers of the apartment buildings where her business is located.  While my husband continued to chat with her, I went through the adjoining door to the hair salon and got a trim.  Small communities are so much fun!

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