Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Getting There

How many more days until Christmas??  We got the big tree up and I have it half decorated as is one of the smaller ones.  The other small one is laying on its side on my cedar chest.  I expect they will all be dressed in their finery by tomorrow evening.
I have also been working on a customer's job and another quilt that is a gift.  (Ssshh! Can't say to whom as they might be reading this.)
Hubby is still getting over a nasty cold but is starting to sound better.  I have warned him that if I catch it he will be getting a nasty lump of dog doo (Coal is too expensive) in his stocking.
As the big days moves every closer, I am reminding myself that Christmas will happen whether or not the house is clean or decorated, any baking is done or if there are any packages under the tree.
We go through this every year, don't we?   And every year, we vow to start earlier the next Christmas.  It is rather like a certain mediocre sports team's mantra; 'there is always next year'.

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