Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hot Dog

How are you making out in getting things ready for the big day?  I got a lot accomplished today despite a soar muscle in my back.  This elderly grandmother shouldn't have been swinging a young seven year old boy in  the pool but, sore back or no, it was worth it.
I have the top of the lighthouse quilt almost done, did a first draft on my The Quilt Pattern Magazine article and a few other odds and ends today.  Tomorrow I will finish the article and, hopefully, get the top finished on my Island Batik project finished.
Just before three, I stopped to take the dog for her walk.  It was warm today so the snow was packy and slippery.  I didn't want to walk down our steep driveway and take a chance on falling so I drove down and then we walked.  Almost got stuck on the way back but we made it. Hubby and I really should have gone snow shoeing and packed the trail down more but he had been doing a lot of outside work and was tired.  Perhaps Friday as it will still be warm.
Heidi likes to spend her day in front of the fire when she isn't on hubby's lap.  She doesn't usually have a blanket to lay on-too much of a fire hazard but it looked good for a photo. We all really enjoy our wood stove.

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  1. We let the stove go out today so we could clean the chimney. After having a chimney fire a couple of years ago we have gotten really diligent about keeping it clean. We lit it after the job was done and I made the filling for the tourtiers. My dog doesn't lay in front of the fire unless it is VERY cold outdoors. It's the only place in the house where the floors are warm once we hit -20. Take care of that back. I pulled something in mine dumping the fat cat off the couch! A lot hot soak helped some but I still feel it when I reach or lift. I'm terrified of falling too Ann. I rarely go outdoors in winter anymore.