Thursday, December 29, 2016

All Caught Up

The freezing rain we had on Boxing Day covered the windows on the south side of the house in a sheet of ice.  This picture is looking through the window in the living room and, as you can tell, you are not able to see outside at all (can't see the dog's nose prints either, thankfully).  This same coating was everywhere including the driveway.  It made for very treacherous driving when we left on the Tues.  Not sure when it melted but it was gone when we came home late afternoon.  Of course, then we had the soft snow which bogged us down half way up the hill.

I finished the lighthouse quilt and got the label on tonight while watching the news.  Tomorrow it goes to my customer. This is for a lady who loves lighthouses and PEI hence the red dirt. The fabric is actually more rust coloured than it shows in the photo.
 I just have to add the binding onto my Island Batik project and it is finished as well.  I hope to have that posted Friday.  And that means I am all caught up with my quilting.  Nice to have it done before the New Year.

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